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6 Factors To Consider Before Buying An Air Compressor System


When you set out to buy an air compressor for your home, there are specifications like 1.5HP, 100 PSIG and duty cycle that might intimidate you. There is a broad range of Top rated air compressors that can be purchased from dealers. For other quirky housing ideas, get advice from professionals at www.houzz.com and simplify your search.

This guide will help you navigate through the process of buying an air compressor like a pro.

1.Get The Basics First
Determine the nature of use of the gadget. For heavy-duty jobs, you have to buy a piston compressor fitted with a tank. For odd jobs in your home, a portable gadget is best. There is no tank fitted in this device so that you can carry it along. Remember to take into account factors like pressure and volume of the tools that you intend to use. If you are buying an air compressor for industrial use, you have to consider tools with more pressure and consequently more volume.

2. Piston Type Or Portable Devices?
A piston-type compressor uses a mechanism where air pressure is accumulated when the compressor is depleted. Portable compressors perform without any fixtures like a tank. A single-stage compressor would be ideal for heavy-duty jobs at home, while its counterpart the two-stage compressor is best for industries which require uninterrupted work.
Portable compressors are recommended for use in homes.

3. Look At The Specifications
Take a look at the value of the horsepower (HP). The ideal range is between 1.5 and 6.5 HP. Air compressors with a high HP value are used for industrial use while jobs like powering spray guns or caulk guns make use of compressors with a low HP. Another factor that is commonly mentioned is CFM which is the volumetric flow. Ask for standard CFM (SCFM) which is valued at 14.5 PSIA at twenty degree C.

4. Portability Of The Machine
When you look at a particular make of the equipment, ask yourself if you can roll the device on the ground or if you can lift it with ease. If you constantly move the compressor from one place to another, you can go for a small portable device. If you intend to place the gadget in the corner of your garage, a longer extension of the hose pipe is needed, and a compressor with high capacity is chosen.

5. Source Of Power
Is there a continuous supply of electricity in your environment or are there frequent interruptions in power? Buy a compressor that comes with a default motor. Else, you might have to run the system with help from a gasoline engine.
Electric compressor system run on 110V, while bigger machines require 240V, according to US standard specification. Make a well-informed choice before buying.

6. Determine The Size Of The Tank
For small jobs that require less time, say when you use a nail gun, a system with a small-sized tank is recommended. If you have to work for longer periods of time, the tank can vary in size, which is measured in gallons.

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