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8 Much – Ado – About – Nothing – Ways To Achieve Work-Life Balance


Toggling work and life become increasingly challenging in a competitive scenario. The constant push towards more returns and results has made offices as profit-making machines.

Research says that the style of work-life balance varies from one stage to another in a person’ s life depending on whether they are married or not. It should be tailored according to a person’s needs. The arrangement is rather personal.

Display in front of your minds’ eyes the various things that require specific slots of time from you and allot them the required time as demanded and wipe away that which is not necessary to take away your time. The art of streamlining one’s activities towards only what is essential and omitting the not-so-important aspects comes only after practice.

One can also consider working from home if the situation demands so and also if one’s company has made such options available. If someone is in a unique situation like having to take care of senile parents or having to babysit for once or twice in a week, work from home option comes handy. This will give an additional boost up to one’s morale and one gets less distracted in work.

By chance, it may work out well with your employer who might also be in a similar position. Even if monetary perks are not given, other adjustments and arrangements are always possible through negotiation.In addition, one should also know how to harness the distractions posed by technology. This puts things more in the light of perspective.

The website loveisalife.com lists out the eight most common methods which can be employed to successfully do the tight-rope walking.

8 commonplace ways to strike a balance:

1.The Employer – Who is he and what are his policies? One should have a clear knowledge of the employers’ demands and also the concessions that are available with them. For instance, the details about flexitime and work-from-home options should be known thoroughly.
2.Speak up for yourself:If there is a circumstantial difficulty in the work or if your presence may not be available with the office due to some personal commitments, this can be informed well in advance and the cooperation from the part of the office should be requested.
3.Control the reins of technology:Like all resources, technology should also put to judicious use. One should not let technology overtake ahead.
4. Communicate even from a distance communicating using multimedia will reduce delay in work. This will improve the performance at the workplace as will give a long duration of time for personal commitments.
5.’No’is also a response.” One should have the guts to say no for tasks that are thrust. This will increase contribution with the task that one really likes.

6.Don’t kill the self:One need not ponder over some once-in-a-while failures to meet a friend and the like. Perfection is only a goal whereas only excellence is an everyday reality. There is no need for guilt.
7.Cleanliness is not your yardstick:The time off work need not be spent running around the house with a J-cloth. Life has beautiful pages rather than removing the cobwebs.
8.Be on your time’s guard: The small gaps of personal time are routes for rejuvenation. Therefore, amidst one’s hectic time scale, one should also create time for oneself.

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