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Grow Your Weed Easily Indoors!

Growing Marijuana

With the growing consumption of Marijuana in the State, most of the people are beginning to grow their weed at home. Growing your own plant at home is also known to improve the pleasure you get while smoking weed. But the cultivation of weed can be a challenge without the right amount of light, nourishment, watering or air inflow. Plant Sily gives you the best tips on how to grow Marijuana at home by using grow tents. You can find More Here on the best 10 indoor grow tents best suited for your cultivation.

Make Your Plant Feel At Home!

During the initial days of cultivation, you definitely need to make sure to give extra care to the plant. Since Marijuana usually grows well in outdoor conditions best, you need to check on your plant from time to time to ensure it receives the proper lighting, air, moisture, etc to help its growth.For this, you need to choose a place that keeps the plant in the optimum conditions and preferably away from the view of your guests or neighbors to avoid unwanted attention. The size of the plant should also be taken into consideration. The best way in which you can do this is by getting a grow tent for your beauty.

Best Rated Grow Tents of 2019

● CoolGrows

These hydroponics grow tents are reflective in nature and is best suited for your indoor plant. You can take care of your plant from the budding stage to the flowering stage very smoothly and safely. Due to its silver aluminum coated interior, the light gets reflected maximum inside the tent. It also has vents for the inflow and outflow of air. The outside cloth is made of a very durable material and zip to reduce the evading of light.

This cool tent has a warranty of 1 year as an added benefit.

● Apollo Horticulture

Apollo Horticulture grow tents are made of the highest quality material which is durable and thick.The outer layer has light absorbing properties whereas the inner layer is made up of reflective mylar layer.
The specialty of this tent is that it has multiple entry and exit access that makes sure that the moisture does not escape when you need to take a look at your plant. It offers a warranty period of about 90 days.

● Quictent

This hydroponic tent is the most eco-friendly tent you can get for your cannabis. It has passed the SGC tests and is certified to not leak or contaminate your plant. It also ensures that no light seepage occurs. Its tear resistant, zipped, heavily stitched and durable outer layer and reflective Mylar inner layer makes it your long lasting grow tent purchase. The two year warranty period also makes it the best choice you can make while buying a grow tent.

● Urban Farmer

The Urban Farmer is an affordable brand that provides high-end features like inner metal frame, multiple accesses, and vents, velcro fasteners, etc. It is very good for keeping the pests away from your plant. It has a light prevention outer layer made of durable material and an inner reflective space. The temperature is maintained within and does not let the smell leak outside either.

Apart from the above-mentioned brands, there are various other brands offering various features in the grow tents. You can also nurture your Marijuana with extra care by adding LED lighting with the right spectrum inside the tent, nutrient-enriched soil, clay and fertilizers that provide nutrition as well as the pH level, etc. Also, you need to ensure that the plant receives an adequate amount of moisture, humidity, and temperature for your plant to grow luxuriously.

Growing weed requires a lot of your care, attention and time. When you have pleasure out of what you have grown, it fills you up with inner satisfaction and happiness. Have a happy time growing your own weed!

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