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Phenibut Dosage – A Complete Guide


Many people don’t know how to take phenibut properly. If you are one among them, then read this article and learn the right procedure. Phenibut is a nootropic from the country of Russia. Like the other nootropic products, it helps in improving mood, reducing anxiety and providing good sleep. The sellers offer two flavors of phenibut: One in 500gm and another in 100 gm. If you want only low dose then choosing the 500 mg is right for you.

Before consuming it, you must seek your doctor’s advice and the recommended dosage. You can check the website https://liftmode.com/blog/phenibut-dosage-guide/, for more details about the phenibut dosage. Even taking 1 gm of phenibut makes you productive and increase the burn of phenibut. It is not advised to take it two times a day as the effect of phenibut last for seven hours. Taking 1 gram of phenibut is a perfect choice and it will not give you any side effects or induce sleep. It has a high level of tolerance and you must cycle it.

You can use on regular cycle i.e. consuming 1 gm of phenibut everyday and you can take it on other day and also you can avoid taking it on some days. When following this process, 50 gm last you for several days. The cycling process prevents addiction, tolerance and dependency. When taking 1 gm properly, you never suffer from any problems which the other people are facing in over dosages.

It lasts for long days without much preservation methods and you can carry forward 1 gm to end of the day or even the next day or the next night. Unlike other drugs, it is not required to take on a regular basis. Apart from taking the phenibut powder, you can also use phenibut injection.

Injection methods reduce the time taken to use the drug orally. Though it is more potent, injection form is considered as highly dangerous. Before taking phenibut injection, you must research and find out whether it is safe to use.

You must remember that you must follow cycling so that you can avoid its dependency. Instead of a day off, you can follow one week on and one week off. The step to take phenibut powder is given below. You must take it on an empty stomach. First, take a scoop of the powder and keep it on the backside of your tongue. You should never place it at the very back since it burns your throat. You can swallow it with or without taking a glass of water.

You can experience the sweet taste of phenibut when mixed with water and once swallowed it gives a sour taste. If you require a stimulant then you can take it. Phenibut gives you whatever energy height you like to go. Caffeine is preferred by most of the people since it gives the required stimulant for them.

You should wait for seven hours to experience the complete effect of phenibut. While you feel the difference after two hours, waiting up to seven hours is essential. You should not forget to consult your doctor before taking the phenibut pills.

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