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The Best Boots To Wear To Work


Finding the best boots for work can be a difficult and confusing task with so many brands that promise that theirs is the best. Here we have brought you a quick review on what the best brands have to offer and you can choose from among them to suit your work specifications and also to suit your design preferences and have great quality product for the price you pay.

Wolverine: This is a legendary global brand marketed in over 100 countries across the world. It was started in 1883 and still is the leader among safety shoes and casual shoes too. While sticking to tradition they have improvised with innovative technology and their most popular brands are Durashocks, Multishox and Contour Welt. The sole of these brands are attached while still in liquid state and bypasses the need for a stitch and hence are more durable. These shoes are rough and tough wear and can withstand high temperatures, chemicals, water and are also suitable for oil based companies. Caterpillar work boots are also produced and marketed by Wolverine in Europe and America and is gaining popularity. They offer both soft toes and safety toes and are appealing in design to the younger generation.

Timberland Pro: Popular for their now in trend style with high-quality leather work boots, their most famous brands are 6″ and 8″ Gold Nubuck leather boots, and Titan which employ the GoreTex technology. They have enhanced features for protection against electrical hazards and static dissipation technology.

Hytest: They are probably the shoemakers who began developing safety shoes. They still lead in innovative technology for safety shoes for both genders. Their best breakthrough has been the invisible XRD Guard which is highly safer than those offered by other brands for extra protection for the toes. Their most popular brands are the Wellingtons and work boots, and FootRests. Hushpuppy is a more heard brand from the same for casual shoes for both men and women.

Redwing: They provide high quality, durable leather made soft toe and safety toe work boots that are waterproof. Their Wellingtons and Pacos are highly regarded. They employ the direct attach construction, classic welt and cement constructions that provide durability to withstand tough environments. It is an American brand.

Dr. Martens: These are a brand made in England and are popular for industrial shoes, stylish design and stitching. They are used in lighter industrial environments. They are slip resistant, comfortable, temperature resistant, suitable for chemical and oil-based industries.

Carolina: This Company specializes in heavy duty work shoes, specialized for people involved in heavy manual labor like loggers. They provide safety toe and shin guard shoes made of premium leather.

Lehigh: They are an American company that specializes in high quality, shoes and boots for both men and women, including Wellingtons and shin guard safety shoes that are available at moderate prices.

Thorogood: This again is another traditional American brand specializing in work boots with durable soles, safety features such as electrical hazard, static dissipating and metatarsal guards for toe safety. They are made to withstand tough industrial conditions.

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