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Things To Consider While Selecting A Builder


Avoiding common traps while getting your dream home built can save a lot of hassles and money. Get expert tips from professionals to learn how to get rid of unwanted expenses and keep your project on track. Here are some tips from home builders who have immense experience in the field. www.realestate.com.au is your one stop destination for all your real estate related queries. Check out the following tips and be a wise home buyer.

Comparison is the key
Each home is unique, and so are the ingredients that go into it. The price of a property varies depending on various factors both internal and external. Cheap quotes can leave you mesmerized but understand the trap behind it. Make quick comparisons to get the best deal possible from the home builder. Doing a bit of research could land you up in the right hands.

Go for fixed rates
Raw material price varies, and this could affect the building cost. Most contractors keep in mind the growth rates and ensure they have sufficient cushion in their quotation to accommodate these situations. So be on the safe side, ask for fixed price. This can help avoid unpleasant surprises. The information on every building material and labor has to be given in details. Do not forget to get all the reports and documents in place before you start a housing project.

Promotions and discounts
Certain projects come with attractive promotions and discounts. Take advantage of these offers to save on your earnings. Newly launched projects come at an offer price that is worth giving a try. Sometimes the offer price is surreal therefore it is advised to check the market price and the reason for offering such a low price. Do not get into the trap of low price. Verify the pros and cons and then make an investment.

Don’t be fooled by display homes
Every builder starts with a display home. It holds a lot of potentials and attracts the buyers into investing. But remember that not all that is showcased in the display home will be made available in the real project. Ensure they make an exact copy of the display home and ask them for the break up in price.

Energy efficient homes
The energy crisis is looming large, and it has made it evident to build homes that are energy efficient. In this connection, it is important to get your home ready for six-star energy standards. Ensure your builder covers minimum energy standards for the price they take.

What’s in your backyard?
In most cases the backyard is unattended by the builder, leaving in ugly and rugged. A professional will take extra care to level the backyard to meet your lifestyle. Extra care should be taken to remove the debris and create usable space in the backyard. A user-friendly yard is the need of the hour, and it gets you going from the day one.

Check for the above tips to make sure you are in safe hands. A home is the biggest investment of your life. Hence there should be no room for compromise.

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